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Two winners this week, folks.  They both win this picture, which they have to share with the rest of the class.  As always, nominate next week’s COTW in the comments section below.

Michelle07 kicks things off by reminding us that it’s never beating a dead horse to make Sarah Jessica Parker horse jokes. (I mean, she is still alive right?)  From HUGH GRANT’S BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE:

Michelle07 says:
As long as he doesn’t have a breaktrough performance he and Sarah can be friends.

From the DISTRICT 9 SEQUEL post:

TengoDooter says:
That flying saucer would look really awesome with a mural of Star Trek II painted all over it.

In the thread where Quentin Tarantino said he made out with Kathy Griffin and had sex with Margaret Cho:

Stone Soup says:
I hear Quentin’s got a sign on his lawn that says “Ugly Comedienne Storage.”

That’s a burn.  There were plenty of great comments in NATALIE PORTMAN AND MILA KUNIS, DOIN’ IT, and here’s one:

spazmodic says:
Pffft, I’ve already seen this like a million times . . .
(*continues slamming Amidala and Meg Griffin toys together*)
Oh yeah . . . so hot . . .

Confucius had me cracking up all week.  From FIVE MINUTES OF HEAVEN WITH LIAM NEESON:

Confucius say:
Alistair Little sounds like what I do when attractive woman walks past.

The runner-up is a guy who may have been my middle school guidance counselor.  I’d never be a guestblogger, huh?  I should be selling my plasma and turning tricks, you say.  Well who’s laughing now, Clarence?  From OH, GREAT, A DESCRIPTION OF A TRAILER:

Hey Blinkin’ says:
Here’s my trailer description; It’s a double wide with shag carpet, tinted windows and a mural of Lion-O fingerblasting Smurfette on the side. Oh, it’s got a few cigarette burns on the furniture and it smells like molestation and sadness.

The first winner this week, ChinoMoreno, has been on a roll. From the post about The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine remake:

ChinoMoreno says:
So, is Mark David Chapman going to shoot this movie?

Wackity schmackity doo.  As for the second winner, it stands to reason if you make 100 funny comments in a week, one of them is bound to win COTW.  From H.GRANT TO QUIT ACTING, FOCUS ON HARLOTS:

Jacktion! says:
I used to work as a roofer, too. I quit because one of the other guys kept calling me a paranoid little weirdo.
In Morse code.

Goodnight, you princes of appliance rape. You kings of dick jokes.  You queens.

~ robopanda

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