Politician caught using fake Morgan Freeman in his ads

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11.02.10 21 Comments

If Morgan Freeman ever decided to become a politician, his opponent would be in trouble.  He’s spent his entire career

“Our campaign was duped,” Lawson said.
Lawson says he signed a contract earlier with MEI Political –a production company that promised to deliver a Morgan Freeman radio commercial.
The ad doesn’t say the narrator is Morgan Freeman, but Lawson says he did.
“When people heard the ad, the question that everyone was asking is that Morgan Freeman and my answer, believing what I was told to be Morgan Freeman was yes, that is Morgan Freeman,” he said.

On Monday morning, when Freeman heard the news, he released a statement.

“These people are lying. I have never recorded any campaign ads for B.J. Lawson and I do not support his candidacy,” said Freeman through his publicist Stan Rosenfield.

“It was really disappointing to realize that — no what I had actually purchased, what I had signed a contract for, a Morgan Freeman ad, was not a Morgan Freeman ad and that’s both extremely disappointing and frankly extremely embarrassing,” Lawson said. [ABCLocal]

Lawson added, “Here I was just trying to get into politics, I never thought I’d be dealing with people who might lie.”
Yeah, dude, Morgan Freeman is totally going around making campaign commercials for backwater congressional candidates he’s never met. I heard Troy at the production company knows him. His dad owns a dealership.

If we took BJ here at his word, he sounds like the kind of guy who’d trade nuclear secrets for some magic beans.

(Here’s some video of the ads:)

Sorry, I’ll try not to put Rachel Maddow on this page ever again. She acts like she was raised with the entire village gathering to applaud every time she took a poop. (*smirks at camera, smells farts, references NPR*)

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