Danny Trejo gets orientated in new Predators trailer

Senior Editor
06.23.10 26 Comments

The Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators (directed by Kontroll‘s Nimrod Antal) opens July 9th, and this is the newly-released international trailer.  This time around, the predators will be hunting the most dangerous game: Adrien Brody.  The humans have been dropped into some sort of space game preserve (which we know because A Brodes says “I think this is some sort of… game preserve”), so presumably, the Predators in this one will be the fat, white Texas predators that are too lazy for regular hunting and ride around in golf carts.  Aside from Adrien Brody, the assortment seems to be a Russian (former fighter Oleg Taktarov), an African, another white dude, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo, and a Latin chick.  I applaud them for breaking up the usual stock-photo arrangement of two whites, a black, and an Asian.  Seriously, look at any college course catalog or bank poster: it’s always two whites, a black, and an Asian.  It’s like the John, Paul, George, and Ringo of stock photos.

Also, Danny Trejo plays “Cuchillo”, which means of course, “knife.”  Not to be confused with his other character, “Machete,” which means of course, “big knife.”  He should win the Oscar for stabbing people. And then he could fashion the trophy into a shiv and stab someone with it.

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