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08.13.09 17 Comments

Disliking Ed Helms is almost as hard as disliking Ryan Gosling or Paul Rudd.  Which is to say, nearly impossible.  But if I put his nice-guy attitude and adorable a cappella singing aside, I have to admit that the latest project to which he’s signed on sounds a lot like a Larry the Cable Guy or Martin Lawrence vehicle.  Ruh roh!  (*paws over eyes*)

Universal Pictures has acquired the spec script “Central Intelligence” as a star vehicle for Ed Helms.  Ike Barinholtz [a MadTV and Seltzer-Friedberg actor] and Dave Stassen’s script revolves around an accountant who’s thrown into the world of international espionage after reconnecting with an old friend through Facebook. [Variety]

My, can you imagine the hijinks that would ensue if a fast-talking black man dull-witted redneck GOOFY, MILD-MANNERED ACCOUNTANT were suddenly thrown into the HIGH STAKES world of COUNTER INTELLIGENCE?  This summer, ED HELMS is one fish, waaay out of water!  (*air guitar*)  (*fart sound*)

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