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07.10.08 83 Comments

Hollywood is abuzz with rumors after Eddie Murphy skipped the premiere of his own movie, Meet Dave.

One of the producers told the press that it’s because he was busy shooting his next film, A Thousand Words. The only problem with that explanation is that A Thousand Words is being directed by Brian Robbins … and Brian Robbins spent Tuesday evening at — you guessed it — the Meet Dave premiere. (He directed it, too.) [Cinematical]

Wow, what an asshole.  Not because he missed the premiere, which is understandable, but because he’s doing another movie with same director.  That’s like marrying the hooker who gave you the clap.  Oh, but that’s not all.  It seems Murphy cancelled only 90 minutes before show time.  AND, according to Nikki Finke, the only reason Fox did a premiere was because Murphy insisted on one.  Says an anonymous post by someone claiming to be a publicist on DataLounge:

It’s 4:45pm, his "Meet Dave" premiere – which he is the one and only star – is an hour and a half away. And he JUST CANCELLED.  Yep, all that time, money, work by everyone and dickhead Eddie just informed us he decided he’s not going to show up. To his own premiere. To promote his own movie.  This is why he lost for Dreamgirls. This is why Hollywood loves to see him fail. Cause even by Hollywood standards, he’s an asshole among assholes.

Those other assholes being publicists, presumably. Damn, who would’ve thought a guy playing the guy controlling a guy who looks just like him would have such a big head?  Look, unless it involves fatsuits or trannies, or trannies in fatsuits (hey, there’s an idea!) Eddie’s got better things to do, okay?

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