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11.19.09 27 Comments

In Remember Me, Robert Pattinson stars alongside Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, and Emilie de Ravin, who manages to be 1000 times less annoying in this than she was as Claire on Lost, when all she did was whine and cry and pout and yell and oh god I hated her.

Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious young man in New York City who has a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) ever since tragedy separated their family. Tyler didn’t think anyone could possibly understand what he was going through until the day he met Ally (Emilie de Ravin) through an unusual twist of fate. Love was the last thing on his mind, but as her spirit unexpectedly heals and inspires him, he begins to fall for her. Through their love, he begins to find happiness and meaning in his life. But soon, hidden secrets are revealed, and the circumstances that brought them together slowly threaten to tear them apart.

Well it’s a good thing he did this film.  It would’ve been a shame to see him get typecast as the broody emo who always falls for the wounded dove type.  Who bites her lip to indicate attraction.

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