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04.06.09 39 Comments

Perhaps I shouldn’t have sounded so positive about the trailer for Todd Phillips’ The Hangover, because it must have been based on that that WB has greenlit a sequel, since the actual movie doesn’t come out until June 5th. Paramount recently did the same thing with JJ Abrams’ Star TrekFast and Furious and Dragonball are also rumored to have sequels ready to go.  In related news, there is no Santa Claus and maggots eat your eyeballs when you die.

While studios often wait to see box office results before committing to a sequel, “The Hangover” has tested strongly, and a trailer brought down the house at ShoWest. Phillips will be back to direct and produce “The Hangover” sequel through his Green Hat Films banner. WB also has made deals to reunite Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms, who star in the original. [Variety]

Recession? What recession.  Lunch is for faggots.  Why wait? Everyone loved it: unemployed construction workers, theater owners, the association for albino hemophiliac movie bloggers – we’ve never heard such enthusiastic flipper clapping.  You gotta strike while the iron is hot, you pussies.  Like my Cambodian maid when she pressed this suit.  It’s made of Italian baby rhino leather.  That’s why I’m the boss.

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