Here Is Everything Wrong With ‘Dirty Dancing’

If you thought the folks from Cinema Sins were content with destroying your Valentine’s Day hopes and dreams by ripping The Notebook to shreds, you were wrong. They’re back again this week with “Everything Wrong With Dirty Dancing In 8 Minutes Or Less” so they can completely crush your fantasy of Patrick Swayze showing up to your parents’ fancy summer club and whisking you away to a life of lower class dancing and lake sex. Although, if you still carried that fantasy, I think you should probably Google Patrick Swayze, because I don’t think he’s going to show up for you anytime soon. Unless maybe you have a Ghost fantasy.

While there are plenty of questions I could ask off the top of my head, the most important one is “Does this video repeatedly mention what an epic piece of sh*t movie character Neil Kellerman is?” Yes. Yes it does. Another job well done.