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11.07.08 93 Comments

At this point, I feel I need no further evidence that child actors are the scourge of this nation and should be outlawed.  Nonetheless, it is my duty to direct your attention to the recent Boosh Magazine feature The Sandlot: Where are they now?

It would be hard for anyone to think Sandlot without reminiscing over the hot-tempered, crude, redheaded Ham Porter. He was the comic relief. But whatever happened to Patrick Renna? He has had bit parts in recent years on TV (Boston Legal, CSI, Judging Amy) as well as several small film roles on the likes of National Lampoon: Dorm Daze and Poor White Trash. Don’t worry, we haven’t seen them either. But most recently, Renna has taken the Tom Cruise route and opened a Scientology center in his community of Los Feliz.

Said Renna at of the event:

“Actors and musicians can create trends and be responsible for acts of kindness. On the other hand they can make people think that it is cool to be promiscuous and can glamorize heroin.”

If my only two options in life are believing people are possessed by the spirits of aliens expelled by a volcano or shooting heroin… saddle up that horse while daddy finds a vein.

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