Kid Who Stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Also Planned Jewel Heist With Chopper Escape, Say Prosecutors

At this point I’m not sure if I still have to put “Guy Fieri Lamborghini Thief” in front of Max Wade‘s name, since by now the teenage master criminal should be quite familiar to you. Back in October, Wade was convicted of one count of attempted murder and of car theft for stealing Fieri’s yellow Lamborghini (license plate: “GUYTORO,” seriously). As sentencing approaches, there’s been a new development in the case. Prosecutors now say that, in addition to rappelling into a car dealership and stealing Fieri’s Lamborghini (when he was 16), shooting up a romantic rival’s car and speeding away on a motorcycle, and getting his friends to try to bust him out of juvie with a sledge hammer, Wade had also planned an elaborate, take-over style jewel heist, complete with an escape by helicopter. Amazingly, Guy Fieri’s Lambo continues to be the least interesting part of this story.

Prosecutors will raise this new scheme — a takeover robbery of a famed San Francisco jewelry store — as another reason why Wade should receive a stiff sentence. The best case scenario Wade faces is 20-years to life with the possibility of parole.

For the first time, [Lead Detective Greg] Garrett tells the I-Team about a 30-page dossier Wade compiled — plans for a takeover robbery of Shreve and Co. Jewelers in San Francisco’s Union Square.

[ABC’s Dan] Noyes: “How elaborate were the plans?”
Garrett: “Well, he had photographs of many of the employees. He had their names, some biographical information on some of the employees.”

Wade also had a picture of the Shreve alarm box and a long equipment list — gun belts, radios, an AK-47, and San Francisco police uniforms — some of it was found in a Richmond storage locker when he was arrested.

The dossier says Wade planned to set off a diversion at nearby Macy’s — a small bomb or smoke device.

Okay, big deal. The kid saw The Town. So what?

“And then have two people go into Shreve’s dressed as police officers,” Garrett said. “And he had two Hollywood-style, very expensive masks, rubber masks and do a takeover robbery and then flee via the roof.”

Wait, did you say “the roof?”

Garrett says Wade planned to pick up his two accomplices by helicopter; that he inquired about flying lessons and had a nighttime photo of the Shreve roof in the dossier.

Noyes: “Did he actually identify a helicopter?”
Garrett: “He did have a tail number of a helicopter that we located on the peninsula that is actually a Robinson 44 helicopter.”

The chopper was at San Carlos Airport. The model is just big enough to handle four people. [ABCBayArea]

You might be wondering why I’m covering Max Wade on a movie site. First of all, eat me, I’ll cover what I want to cover and you can sit there and like it. Secondly, if this doesn’t become a movie at some point, half the producers in Hollywood should get fired. Seriously, if you’re out there casting a gritty reboot of Peter Pan or promoting the WASPy Frankenstein’s monster movie while this human heist movie generator is sitting in prison, just walk yourself into traffic right now and let someone else take over.

[that courtroom sketch will never not make me laugh]