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12.07.09 52 Comments

Here on the internet, the Japanese enjoy a well-deserved reputation for being crazy. Too often overlooked are Scandinavians, who are just as crazy, only less squinty. On that note, here’s a Finnish movie about killer Santa Clauses.  Clausen?  Clausi?  Crap, there has to be a way to distinguish between the plural of actual Santas and sh-tty Tim Allen movies.

Writer-director Jalmari Helander built a name for himself in Finland with a string of stellar short films, two of which introduced the masses to the world of Rare Exports – a world where Santas are hunted in the northlands and, none too happy about that, from time to time have been known to fight back.[Twitch]

Here’s another look at that sweet ass logo, and yes, you better believe there was a guy wearing Elvis glasses while A. hunting Santa Claus(es) B. at night. Though if I’m honest, I was a little disappointed at the lack of black metal.

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