Forgotten Classics: Gary Busey don’t work on Elvis’ birthday, butthorn

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04.07.10 11 Comments

Today’s Forgotten Classic is DC Cab, a 1983 film starring Mr. T and a young, still-sporting-his-original-skull Gary Busey, directed by our buddy, Joel Schumacher.   The clip is good enough to stand on its own, and this has long since been added to my Netflix queue, but I’ll be honest.  I only posted this so I’d have an excuse to post this picture:

Q: Is Gary Busey waving or doing a Nazi salute?

A: Trick question, neither.  He’s actually patting his Indian spirit guide, Coyote Roberts, on the top of his head.  Coyote lives in Palos Verdes where he runs the screenprinting company that made Gary’s sweatshirt. Can’t see him?  Try some more peyote.  What do you think’s inside that cigar.

[picture source = DListed, thanks to Armorclad for the tip]

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