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02.05.10 49 Comments

Friday Free For All is that time of the week when I post videos people send me, regardless of their movie-relatedness.  It’s easy, and that’s why I like it, like your sister.

The above video has 220,000 views, which makes me very disappointed that no one sent it to me before now.  It’s the video for A-Moe’s “Mom is Home”, which begins as a nice dance track with some sweet vocals, until some kind of European Juggalo shows up painted like a wolf and starts chanting “I’m the wolf, let me oon, let me oon!”  Some cursory research gives us this:

A-Moe is a Norwegian “BubbleDeath” group, most well-known for their song “Little Red Riding Hood” which was included on their 2005 album “Beauty and the Beast.” A-Moe’s two members, Natalie Davadi and ‘Wolf’ (Alex Moe), are pictured [below]. In all publicity shots for A-Moe the male singer appears as the evil looking “Beast” with a white face, red eyes, and a more than generous amount of black makeup.

My point being, for all the fun we’ve had with the Japanese, Scandinavians haven’t gotten nearly the credit they deserve for being batsh*t crazy.

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