Fri free for all: this is the king of all dogs

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03.26.10 23 Comments

Friday Free for All is that time of the week I reserve for the funny, amazing, and/or awesome videos people send me that aren’t necessarily movie related.  Sometimes I post them without this disclaimer and people say “Dood, how is this movie related?!”  And that’s why these words are here.

Lots of dogs chase cars, but usually it’s just macho posturing, the same way I say “Pff, I could do that,” when watching another man satisfy a woman.  Not so for Winston the pit bull here.  He doesn’t just chase a police car, he catches it and chews it’s f*cking bumper off.  This is the Don Frye of animals.

March 14, 2010 – Winston, a two-year old boxer-pit bull mix owned by Michael and Nancy Emerling of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is seen chewing the bumper off of a city patrol car driven by Officer Holmes. In the incident, an officer was running radar on Workman Road when Winston charged out through the gate and began shaking the patrol car. Winston munched on the tires and ate the front bumper. He also attacked other patrol cars that were called in as backup. Officers tried to pepper spray Winston, then to tase him, but nothing calmed him down. [Foundry — link NSFW]

I’m speechless.  Winston is the most metal dog in history.  I would buy him a spiky American flag collar and a boombox that plays Slayer.  More fun after the jump…

I couldn’t not post this video.

Is it just me, or is this chick balancing books on her head, finishing a Rubik’s cube, and reciting pi super hot?  I mean, not because of the math crap, it just looks like she has really nice tits.  *takes beer bong, burps*

I wonder if she can cook.


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