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05.02.08 80 Comments

In this video, sent to me by the brilliant Robby, a production company stages a fake TV show called "Prayer Hour" upon which Gary Busey is a guest (obviously he doesn’t realize it’s not a real show).

Say what you want about Busey being a kooky old coyote eater, the man stands up for what he believes.  Every time the host tries to twist his words into support for people donating money, Busey has none of it.  Try to imagine a Scientologist doing that, or even the religious Baldwin brother (Billy? Stephen? Daniel? Zeppo?).  Can’t do it?  Yeah, that’s because if it was Tom Cruise on that show, he’d be going, "That’s right, folks, just give this guy some money and he’ll tell you what the secret of life is.  I’ve already given him $300,000 dollars and I’m almost half way there.  Do you see how good I look?  All this just from the knowledge that I’m only $833,000 dollars away from knowing all the secrets of the universe.  Please, give everything you’ve got or else the aliens won’t let us pet their space ponies."

By the way, Busey’s key line?  "Yeah, let’s go to commercial.  Boy, I hope it’s something about toilet fish." 

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