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As of tomorrow, some changes are going into effect that could hit 3D moviegoers right where it hurts almost as much as the dick: the pocketbook.

Three major movie-theater chains, encouraged by the success of the 3-D blockbusters Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, are about to substantially increase ticket prices, as of tomorrow. The change in pricing at AMC, Regal, and Cinemark locations will vary, but on average, you can expect an increase of around 20 percent for a 3-D show — which means you’ll pay nearly $20 at theaters like Manhattan’s AMC Loews Kips Bay. [Vulture]

Luckily, you can still get a small soda for the low low price of $7.50, and a large for only 15 cents more.  On a serious note, it’s funny to see theater owners waddling around with their balls feeling mega huge, trying to pass the 3D cost onto the consumer so soon after the one movie ever made that was actually better in 3D.   I hope the result of this is that people won’t want to spend the extra $5 on crappy, post-converted 3D like Clash of the Titans and see the 2D version instead.  And that maybe that will dampen the 3D craze and leave it for directors who actually want to do their movie that way, instead of having it forced upon them at the last minute by the studio.  Not that I have any faith the consumer will respond intelligently.  This is still the country that invented Crocs and the Snuggie.

On the plus side, 3D kitty.  Are you happy he’s part of the family now?  I am.

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