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10.24.08 27 Comments

O lord, thank you for thy bounty that is Busey.  The first episode of Season 2 of Celebrity Rehab was on last night, and forgive this slightly-non-movie-related tangent, but Gary Busey is on this season and Gary Busey craps unicorns in my heart.  He spent the entire episode saying and doing ridiculously insane Gary Busey shit, and seems to think he’s a counselor even though he’s a patient.  See him meet the director after the jump.

“I’ve been out of my body twice, and it’s a great thing to know the freedom of life.  You know the word freedom?  Do you know what that stands for?  F.R.E.E.D.O.M.  It stands for Face it, Real, Exciting, Energy, Developing, Outta, Miracles.”

And Jesus Christ on a crutch, did he just say he had to give someone a buck knife (at the 23 seconds remaining mark)?  Oh god that was good. I need a cigarette.

Clip should start after the ad. If it doesn’t start, try the little fast forward arrow.

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