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04.03.09 12 Comments
  • Friends with benefits wedding.  “We are gathered here today to celebrate our total lack of commitment.” [CollegeHumor]
  • Man ponders the age-old question: Should you masturbate to pictures of your own butt?  Answer: Only if it looks like mine.  I crush diamonds with my sphincter.  [HolyTaco]
  • Andy Rooney’s review of 4 Fast 4 Furious. Warning: It’s impossible to get Andy Rooney’s voice out of your head after reading this. [ScreenJunkies]
  • Jessica Biel’s stripper movie is going straight to DVD. You can see her “nipples from the front and side” and “butt (side view only)” on June 9th.  [theplaylist]
  • The Kenny Powers audio book was easily the best part of Eastbound & Down.  [WarmingGlow]
  • Nick Swardson’s tribute to Jane Goodall.  [Atom]
  • Here’s a review of 4 Fast 4 Furious from someone who actually saw it. It’s pretty sad when they use a comparison to the original to explain why it doesn’t measure up.  Um, the first one was like Point Break but stupider. [bullzeye]
  • OMG, set photos from the Twilight sequel! [DailyFill]

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