Hey, what’s up with The Rum Diary?

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04.08.10 44 Comments

The Rum Diary is one of those books that if you told me you didn’t like, I’d probably cut your lips off and kiss my balls with them.  So it is that I’ve been eagerly awaiting news of the Bruce Robinson film adaptation, which we know was shooting in Puerto Rico more than a year ago.  Johnny Depp has already had time to do whatever it was he was supposed to be doing Alice in Wonderland since then.  Sadly, today’s news is more cryptic speculation.

Anne Thompson reported last week that Rum Diary was among the movies that “wouldn’t be finished” in time for Cannes, which begins May 12th.  Meanwhile, Hollywood Elsewhere reports:

I’m presuming, of course, that “not done in time” is a euphemism in the case of Rum Diary. Because it was shooting in Puerto Rico an entire year ago so…you know, c’mon. The film is apparently experiencing issues of one sort or another.
On the other hand Shoot Online.com posted a press release on 3.29 about Nina Saxon Design (which has composed Rum Diary‘s main-title sequence). It says that the film is “currently seeking distribution at the Cannes Film Festival.”

I don’t think a press release from the company that created the titles is proof in and of itself that the movie is finished and looking for a distributor, since at least half of all people who write press releases are trained seals who flap roughly at the keyboard with their flippers.  Bottom line, we don’t really know.  Maybe they’re just taking the time to do it right.  I’ve read in books that sex can be more enjoyable that way, but can neither confirm nor deny.  I just wish Hunter Thompson was still around to make a phone call or fire off an angry letter.

Rum makes anything cool, even writing a diary.

UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE NEWSY COMMENT: The_JRK writes: “The people doing the sound and sound-editing on the film had their offices in the same building as me and just recently finished up and moved out. Probably 2 weeks ago. As far as I know, they completed their work.”

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