Inception in Real Time, Chris Nolan’s Dream Diagram

12.08.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Personally, I feel like I’m all stocked up on Inception-related things.  I saw the movie.  I liked the movie. I don’t need to write a thesis on it.  That said, this Weikang‘s “Inception in Real Time” video is fairly cool.  Basically, it takes the dream levels, split-screens them, and then adjusts the speed so we can see what’s going on simultaneously in all the dream levels.  “Oh you don’t like cross cutting?  I guess I’ll just go f*ck myself then,” said DW Griffiths, when reached for comment.

Elsewhere and in related news, incontention dug up Chris Nolan’s original hand-drawn diagram (from the book Inception: The Shooting Script) of how the dream levels are supposed to work and all that.  It’s basically the same as the Inception Infographic from a while back, but straight from the source (and completely incomprehensible).  For me, it’s not so much that I need to understand the diagram, I just like that Nolan at least wanted his story to have its own coherent logic.  If McG had tried to diagram what happened in Terminator Salvation between when John Connor jumps out of an airplane into the ocean and when he ends up inside a submarine in the next scene, it would just be a drawing of McG holding a bong and giving you the finger.

[click to enlarge, right-click and select “view image” to embiggen further]

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