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There’s just too much Iron Man stuff today, so I’ll attempt to cover it all in one post (and then I’ll tie a cherry stem with my butt – ta da!).

Yup, they’re already talking sequel.
Viacom head douche Sumner Redstone and Paramount CEO Brad Grey say that if the movie does as well as expected, they’ll greenlight a sequel for release in 2010.  What with the movie not even out yet, you might think talk of a sequel to be premature. Or maybe you’re just a little too quick to call everything "premature".  Have you been hanging out with my girlfriend?  Look, bitch, we’re just excited, okay?

Stick around for the end credits
If you want to catch Sam Jackson as Nick Fury.  Alternatively, you can just watch any of the 653 other movies he’ll be in this year.  I see that motherf*cker on my TV even when it’s unplugged.  But, as Sexman says, nobody says "motherf*cker" like Sam.   

It’s already the best reviewed movie of 2008

Currently tracking 96% recommended on RottenTomatoes, it’s currently in the top spot of 2008, just ahead of U2-3D and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  It’s also the highest rated superhero movie of all time.  Of course, with RottenTomatoes "thumbs up or thumbs down" style of compiling reviews, some of the great reviews included lines like "Dangerously dependant on Robert Downey Jr. for entertainment. He throws a one-man party during every scene. But when he’s off-screen, the film wilts."  Meanwhile, Daredevil is still recognized for Most Gravelly Affleck Voice Overs.

But what does Jesus think of it?

We often find superheroes, in their beginnings, to have physical weakness. In order to fight evil, they must overcome their disadvantage and become "strong in the broken place."

I think they have Kegel exercises for that.

To what extent do we rely upon our own strength and wisdom, and not on God’s? What emotional "armor" and masks do we wear? Where and how do we differentiate between protecting our privacy and being vulnerable, especially to people God can use to speak into our lives? What are the drugs—literal or metaphorical—we use to numb life’s pain? And how can God help us with these things? 

Who knew a movie so rich in explosions would also be so rich in vague, cheesy metaphors?  But I think it was Moses who once said, "Gwyneth Paltrow?  Really?  What the fuck, man." 

[Thanks to Jokerswild for the tip on the Christianity Today review] 

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