James Franco not as pretty a girl as you'd think

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10.06.10 22 Comments
Aw, photographers score all the hot tail.

Aw, photographers score all the hot tail.

Here’s James Franco refusing to be pigeon-holed as the actor who likes gay stuff by appearing in drag on the cover of Candy, which is apparently a fashion magazine for transvest-types.  (Aw, isn’t it cute how I pretend not to have heard of it?)  I guess he makes decently pretty girl.  He’s do-able.  Definitely no Jared Leto though.  That chick is sexy as hell, I mean look at those lips.

Anyway, I think James Franco is a great actor who’s a lot smarter and funnier than 99% of people in the entertainment business, but even I’m starting to think him doing gay stuff all the time is bordering on creepy, and not because of the gay thing.  More in an Olivia Munn-esque, trying-too-hard sort of way.  I mean, I could hang out in gay bars and get bought free drinks too*, but I don’t, and it’s not because of homophobia.  At a certain point it’s just false advertising.


*No, not as many as James Franco, I’m sure.  I mean, I’ve got great cheekbones, but those can only take you so far when you’ve got these matronly hips. (*pouts, eats ice cream*)

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