Jim Carrey to play a wacky Frenchman, worship Xenu

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07.20.10 14 Comments

Jim Carrey, whose recent Twitter rants about prescription drugs and “suppressive personalities” have fueled speculation that he’s become a Scientologist (wouldn’t that be a nice, easy explanation for why he stopped being funny), is set to play a French art thief in a film from Borat/Bruno director Larry Charles.  Suckre Bleu, they could call it.  Mercury taint my vaccines, Deadline:

Charles has signed on to direct Pierre Pierre, a comedy that has Carrey playing the role of a Frenchman who transports a stolen painting from Paris to London, behaving more obnoxiously than any waiter you’ve ever encountered at Cannes.
[Added the reporter, “La di da, the south of France is so passé these days, don’t you think?” Then cut a robust fart and inhaled deeply. -Ed.]
This project is moving forward again after weathering some serious setbacks. Two years ago, the script by then-unknowns Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton [make that “still-unknowns”] made the Black List and sold for $1 million, with Carrey to star and Juno‘s Jason Reitman attached to direct. Fox Atomic’s Debbie Liebling and Peter Rice won the bidding battle over three others. Then: Reitman dropped out; Fox Atomic imploded; Liebling moved to Universal; Rice moved up in the Fox hierarchy. Sans champion, Pierre Pierre fell into turnaround. With Charles aboard, the comedy will be shopped again by its producers, Escape Artists’ Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch, and Category 5’s Brian Sher. They plan to make the movie for just over $20 million.

I’ve said it before, but what happens to Black List scripts is one of the best examples of how Hollywood ruins good things.  Scripts make the Black List mainly for being funny and/or original.  Producers then buy these funny, original scripts, and usually attach big stars like Jim Carrey (who’ve already burned us three or four or six times in a row) to attract funding. Then the studios hire someone to “polish” that good, original script for the big star, and suddenly it looks a lot like his three previous movies that sucked.   Shampoo, Rinse, Record Scratch, Repeat. They should just combine this with the Knight and Day sequel and call it Knight and Day and Jim Carrey and Farts.

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