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09.12.07 24 Comments

Thank God Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars, because I love any excuse to post Daily Show clips.

Mind you, I still don’t care about the Oscars, because, as I’ve said (yeah I stole it from someone else, sue me), Oscar has no balls.  See: Forrest Gump over Pulp Fiction, Adrien Brody over Daniel Day-Lewis, Crash over whatever the hell else was nominated, Et Al.  They even cheapened one of their best decisions in years, Best Actor for Denzel Washington in Training Day, by giving Halle Berry best Actress for Monster’s Ball and Sidney Poitier the lifetime achievement award the same night.  Wow, guys, good thing you got that out of the way all at once.  As if Denzel was only the best black actor that year.

Bottom line, Oscar has no balls and hates black people.  What an asshole!  They might as well just make the award a Jerry Bruckheimer statuette.

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