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03.09.10 15 Comments

The source of this story about a possible sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (I think we can all agree to pretend Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey never existed, right?  Good.) is the above video, of MTV’s awkward Josh Horowitz asking Keanu Reeves, “Let’s greenlight the Bill & Ted sequel right now, let’s make it happen.”

To which Keanu says, “I’m trying, I’m trying.”  Then Josh asks him if he’s kidding, and he says he’s serious, but it’s hard to tell if he actually is, because one of the things dumb people like to do when they’re joking is keep saying “I’m serious” and smirking.  I know your game, Reeves. Now gimme back my nose, motherfu-ker.

Anyway, was he serious?  Or was he just trying to avoid looking like an asshole when someone brought up his most successful role like John Cusack did when someone brought up boomboxes?  Said Alex Winter through a mouthful of rubber tubing he was using to tie off an arm vein, “God I hope he was serious.”  Anyone want to guess what Alex Winter’s actual last steady role was?  If you said “King Mole Man” on “Saul of the Mole Men,” go to the head of the class.  I am not making that up.  You have to admit, “Saul” is a really good name for a mole man.

[via MTV – thanks to the Carluch for the tip]

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