Kellan Lutz asks Twilight, ‘You wanna pay my sh*t?’

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05.11.10 25 Comments

It seems there’s a hold up in cast negotiations for Twilight 5 (the second half of

Sources say the actors who play the Cullen kids (especially Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene) are trying to sink their teeth into bigger paydays that Summit  is so far unwilling to provide.

“We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point,” says a source close to the dealmaking.

There is precedent. After the success of the first film, Summit axed Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria, in part because her reps played hardball on money. (Bryce Dallas Howard got the job instead.) Now, two films into the series, even the minor Twilighters (Lutz in particular) have become sought-after stars, so it makes sense they’d want to be paid more for the final film. But sources say the offers from Summit — which are said to be at least 10 times what the actors made on the first movie — were deemed “offensive” given the mega-money the franchise has generated. [via THR]

The source goes on to say that the budget for Eclipse ballooned to $65 million (almost twice the first one) and Breaking Dawn‘s budget “dwarfs” that.  Much of the expense coming from the actors, such as Taylor Lautner, who’s getting $7.5 million per movie.

God I hope they throw these pretty idiots out on their asses. I guarantee this franchise won’t fall apart without “background ab model number four.”  Taylor Lautner’s people have him thinking he’s a big star now, and the craziest part is that studios have actually bought it!  And that’s Taylor Lautner.  He’s at least a character.  Kellan Lutz is just background scenery, and I promise he’s making at least mid six figures for it.  As my pa always said, it you can’t find a handsome twink for less than that, you’re at the wrong bathhouse.

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