Kirk Cameron Tried To Flood RottenTomatoes With His Followers, Was Quickly Swamped By Trolls

Kirk Cameron has thus far made $1.9 million on Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, a film that wants to “put the Christ back in Christmas” by reminding people that the “real St. Nick” was an “enemy of political correctness” who occasionally murdered blasphemers. You’d think he’d be happy about that gross, considering it probably cost less than a million to make (around $5 to $10 dollars, judging by the trailer), but Cameron’s particular brand of religion desperately needs an antagonist, and the critics who gave Saving Christmas an 8% recommended rating on RottenTomatoes more than fit the bill. So Kirk Cameron took one of his creepiest selfies and posted it along with a message to his fans urging them to “storm the gates” of RottenTomatoes. But who would be able to scale those tall stone walls of a free login password, who!

All of you who love Saving Christmas – go rate it at Rotten Tomatoes right now and send the message to all the critics that WE decide what movies we want our families to see! If 2,000 of you (out of almost 2 million on this page) take a minute to rate Saving Christmas, it will give the film a huge boost and more will see it as a result!

Soon, Saving Christmas‘s audience recommended rating ballooned up to 94% (the critic rating stayed exactly the same, 8%). At least, that’s what Kirk Cameron says it was up to in his next message, in which he was already complaining about even more haters. I guess the haters showed up some time between him taking the picture and writing the words next to it?

Keep storming! The gates of Rotten Tomatoes are falling!

You are A M A Z I N G! You just drove the Rotten Tomato rating to an all-time, soaring high of 94%!
Now the haters and atheists are coming out of the woodwork, attempting to hammer your good work (they rallied to drop your rating super low). They are attempting, once again, to ruin Saving Christmas for everyone. Look at their language, vulgarity, and spirit of hate. They can try to ruin a rating, but they can’t stop you from going with family and friends to see Saving Christmas this weekend! If people continue to turn out, the theaters will hold the movie longer. YOU have the power, just like with Rotten Tomatoes, to keep Saving Christmas in the theaters.
Your support sends a very loud message. Films like Soul Surfer, God’s Not Dead, Courageous and Saving Christmas are small lights in a dark world. Together, let’s light up movie theaters this weekend and remind everyone this Christmas of the true reason for the season. Together, they can’t stop us! Are you with me??

There were never gates in the first place, which is why the courtyard is filled with idiot partisans on both sides like every other site on the internet. The “haters and atheists” have the audience rating down to 36% at the time of this writing, which is… I don’t know, something? Better than 8%, I guess.

Point is, Kirk Cameron is his own self-fulfilling prophecy of haterism at this point. He whips up the trolls, then uses their trolling to justify his persecution complex, then uses his persecution as evidence of his greatness. “You know who else was persecuted? Big JC.”

Let’s not forget, he was claiming that he’d been hacked by Islamic cyber terrorists before the movie even came out. All I know is, if there’s a hell, it probably looks a lot like Kirk Cameron’s comments section, with hundreds of born-agains ungrammatically crowing their persecution complex and an equal number of Atheist “Logic Bros” periodically showing up to justify it.