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09.26.08 48 Comments

When Shane Black was announced as the director of Cold Warrior the other day, it led many to believe the rumored Lethal Weapon 5 was off.  But now EW reports that Black is still interested in it and is waiting on the okay from Mel Gibson.

Truth is, the delay has nothing to do with Black, who wrote the first Lethal script and has penned a long treatment for a fifth iteration. (In fact, he plans to take over the director’s reins from Richard Donner.) Lethal number 5 still hinges on Mel Gibson, who’s currenlty filming Edge of Darkness in Boston. Longtime Lethal producer Joel Silver has been trying to nail down approval from Gibson about Black’s approach, which includes introducing a pair of young NYPD cops. [

Hmm, I think I see the problem here. The guy trying to talk Mel Gibson into this is named Joel Silver.   He just wants to chat, but every time he calls, Mel’s convinced he’s trying to start a war.  Anyway, it’s probably just as well.  You know the new cops would just be Nick Cannon and some squinty white guy like Josh Hartnet or Taters Channing or whatever his name is.

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