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11.20.08 27 Comments

I haven’t posted a UFC-star crossover movie in a while now, but fear not because Never Surrender is here, and it looks almost as good as Beyond the Ring. It stars George St. Pierre, Rampage Jackson, B.J. Penn, and Anderson Silva.

Never Surrender is an erotically charged, controversial action-thriller set in the world of underground street fighting where an MMA fighter who has been drawn into the world by an erotic and sexy promoter, quickly realizes that there is no way out, other than death. [IMDB synopsis – written by the director]

Sounds uh, erotic.  Look, I love MMA and I love movies, but the combination really doesn’t work.  It’s like saying, “Hey, people like basketball.  Why don’t we make a movie about basketball, but more exxxtreme! We’ll get LeBron James to star in it, and he’ll do crazy dunks from half court and shit!  Wouldn’t that be badass?”  No.  No it wouldn’t. 

This basically looks like WWE, but more rap-metally.

[via Yardbarker]

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