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02.01.08 26 Comments

I didn’t know who this chick interviewing Casey Affleck at the SAG awards was at first.  Judging by her big fake boobs, baked potato tan, and over collagened lips, I thought maybe a stripper had found an even more degrading profession.

Anyway, apparently it’s Lisa Rinna.  You may remember her from… well, she was on some soap operas and crap back in the 90s.  Here she asks Casey Affleck some questions while taking the novel approach of not waiting for him to answer.  It ends with him saying he’ll say anything to get away from her, and her asking him what kind of gum he’s chewing and thinking the question was so amazing that she demands a high five. Sounds like a success to me!  

[Thanks to "RoboPanda" for the tip] 

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