Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like West Wing anymore ;-(

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09.13.10 12 Comments

With The Social Network playing the New York Film Festival on the 24th and opening wide at the beginning of next month, a New Yorker profile of the real Mark Zuckerberg is ever so timely.  I wanted to find out how the real guy compared to the Aaron Sorkin/David Fincher version, and I’ve done my best to translate the hyper-literate New Yorker piece into ape-like blog grunts and esoteric memes for you.  (*shrieks, bangs laptop with chicken bone*)

Sue me in FEDERAL court, New Yorker:

Sorkin said that creating Zuckerberg’s character was a challenge. He added that the college students were “the youngest people I’ve ever written about.” Sorkin, who is forty-nine, says that he knew very little about social networking, and he professes extreme dislike of the blogosphere and social media. “I’ve heard of Facebook, in the same way I’ve heard of a carburetor,” he told me. “But if I opened the hood of my car I wouldn’t know how to find it.”

Time out, you’re telling me a 49-year-old intellectual has a knee-jerk reaction to an online world he doesn’t understand AND doesn’t realize his Cooper Mini is fuel injected?  Please take caution, friends, do not tread on my monocle.  In my surprise it has fallen.

Sorkin insisted that “the movie is not meant as an attack” on Zuckerberg. As he described it, however, Zuckerberg “spends the first one hour and fifty-five minutes as an antihero and the last five minutes as a tragic hero.” He added, “I don’t want to be unfair to this young man whom I don’t know, who’s never done anything to me, who doesn’t deserve a punch in the face. I honestly believe that I have not done that

I told Sorkin that his TV series West Wing was one of Zuckerberg’s favorites. He paused. “I wish you hadn’t told me that,” he said finally.

Aw, under different circumstances, you two could’ve been friends!  That’s your story!  It’d be just like that Nazi talking about Betty Boop with the Americans in Saving Private Ryan.  …Although they did have to shoot him later…

Zuckerberg says that many of the details he has read about the film are just wrong. (He had, for example, no interest in joining any of the final clubs.) When pressed about the movie and what it means for his public persona, he responded coolly: “I know the real story.”A few days after we spoke, Zuckerberg changed his Facebook profile, removing “The West Wing” from his list of favorite TV shows.

Oh snap!  Once Aaron Sorkin receives word of this via telegram in the sleeper car of his trans-Atlantic steam ship, I’m sure he will be quite upset.  Anyway, it looks like my work creating petty conflicts out of carefully nuanced New Yorker pieces is done here. (*goes back to Photoshopping fat cat into pictures of celebrities*)

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