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09.25.09 16 Comments

Hey, man, I’m just a laid-back kinda guy. I go with the flow, I ride they wave they give me, I like to leeeeeaaaaan baack, you know what I’m sayin, man?  And if that means dissolving into a puddle on the floor when no one’s around to hold me up… so be it, man.  I dunno, man, I think maybe I learned it by watching my favorite band Aerosmith, man.   Me and Kate Hudson, we’re like the Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of crappy movies, man, you know what I mean?  Alright alright alright.  Aw, man, I can’t reach the remote.  Guess I’ll just watch this channel until the wife gets home.  Life’s alright, man, life’s alright.

[Via HuffPo]

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