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03.02.09 17 Comments

One of the big questions surrounding McG’s Terminator Salvation is whether it’ll be rated R like all the previous Terminators, or PG-13 to accommodate the largely-imagined violence and curse-hating pussy demographic.  McG has said all along that they would make the movie first and worry about rating later.  At Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend, however, he said that WB has been asking for some cuts.

“Apparently WB is trying to get him to remove a scene in which actress Moon Bloodgood appears without a shirt. “Do you want to see Moon’s boobs in the picture?” he asked an all-male crowd yesterday (you can imagine the response) while actually seated next to the poor actress.” [NYMag]

I’ll give him this: the man can pander.

“The world has not seen any of this,” McG said of the spanking-new trailer he screened Saturday. “This is you … it’s gonna knock your f-ckin’ balls up your ass.” [Wired]

The only thing that would’ve made this appearance better is if he would’ve come out thrashing air drums with a Slipknot mask on.  In conclusion, THUNDERDOME!

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