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02.18.10 57 Comments

(It’s well known among insiders that Birthday Dog was long considered the fourth member of Nirvana)

With plans to make a biopic, Universal bought the rights to the Kurt Cobain biography Heavier Than Heaven, with cooperation from Courtney Love, back in 2007.  The latest news is that they’ve hired Oren Moverman, who recently made his directing debut with The Messenger and previously wrote I’m Not There.  Moverman will rewrite an earlier draft of a Cobain biopic script by David Benioff (Brothers, 25th Hour).  The Cobain story was previously turned into semi-fictional wank fest Last Days by Gus Van Sant.

I found I’m Not There insufferably pretentious, but I hear good things about The Messenger.  Still, I feel like I need to see a Kurt Cobain biopic like I need a hole in the head.  What?  Oh whatever, like you wouldn’t have made that joke.  Anyway, I hope for Moverman’s sake that this eventually gets made, and that Courtney Love doesn’t have it killed or anything.

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