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As of last week, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was already accounting for 45% of all ticket sales on Fandango, even though it doesn’t open until this weekend.  It now accounts for 83% of all ticket sales on MovieTickets.com.  But as of last month, Michael Bay wasn’t happy with the marketing, and sent an angry, misspelled email to the heads of Paramount.  From TMZ:

I’ve been locked away editing for six months, but I have been waiting, and waiting for the ‘anticipation’ of an ‘event movie’ to make it into the ‘public zeitgeist’.

And if he wasn’t making air quotes while he dictated this to his assistant, everything I know about the world is wrong.

Right now we are not an event.  We are just a sequel, which is very different.  There is no anticipation. […] So far our print [print advertising] has been in my opinion and abject failure.  The summer previews for entertainment weekly was really weak. […] On the foreign front, from the terrible amateur cut down trailer I received which had a 23 frame flash cut of Megatron, if someone would of given me just one call I could of told them the whole point of the trailer was the reintroduction of Megatron. […] At this time last movie we had an 30 minute MTV event around the Video Awards, now we have our two leads just announcing an award – they want me to play a small clip. I consider this so lame.  Clips don’t blow people away!

You know what does blow people away?  People getting blown away!  You should of let me ‘blow up’ that ‘midget’ in Time Square, but I guess some people just don’t care about the ‘zeitgeist’.  That’s ‘German’ for ‘awesome,’ right?  Btw, I accidentally* grazed Megan Fox’ boob earlier, lol!  3===>  ~~~ (+) (+)

Sincerely Yours (*explosion sound*),

Michael Bay

*Not accidentally

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