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I haven’t been covering Scott Pilgrim vs. The World very much, because the other nerds seem to love it and I’m afraid of associating with them in case my jock buddies are around.  Nonetheless, it’s being directed by Edgar Wright of Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead fame, so that’s pretty cool.  This publicity still reportedly comes from the final scene of the movie, and the dude in the white coat in the background is Jason Schwartzman.  Here’s the plot rundown:

[based on the comic book] Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), bass guitarist for the garage band Sex Bob-omb, has just met the girl of his dreams. However, he must defeat Ramona Flowers’ (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) seven evil ex-boyfriends, who are coming to kill him.
As Scott gets closer to Ramona, he must face an increasingly vicious rogues’ gallery from her past, from infamous skateboarders to vegan rock stars and fearsomely identical twins. And if he hopes to win his true love, he must vanquish them all before it really is game over.

Well that sounds campy and gay.  See, this is why I only date middle-school chicks.  Their exes are usually so much less impressive.  Nice tricycle, asshole.

[via CHUD]

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