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This is the buttcam version of the trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens, Dreamworks’ upcoming 3-D cartoonstravaganza. Hopefully a legit version will be up soon.

The DreamsWorks sci-fi spoof, landing March 27, 2009, also transforms a once-tacky Ike-era gimmick into an eye-popping 21st-century experience as the first computer-animated feature to be shot in 3-D.
Studios such as Disney have dimensionalized CGI films, but only after a non-3-D version was made.
"This isn’t our father’s 3-D," says the studio’s animation chief, Jeffrey Katzenberg. Though it still relies on funny glasses, "the digital projection puts a perfect image on the screen. There is no ghosting, no eye strain or nausea."
To avoid confusion, since computer animation is already called 3-D, Katzenberg calls it "the Ultimate 3-D."
Monsters tickets will cost more because the process adds about $15 million to a film’s budget, but Katzenberg believes audiences will pay for "a premium experience."  [USA Today]

The film is based on the horror comicbook "Rex Havoc," about a monster hunter called upon to battle aliens who disrupt cable TV service.  The characters are voiced by Reese Witherspoon, Rainn Wilson, Hugh Laurie, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett and Kiefer Sutherland.  [RopeofSilicon]

I imagine I won’t mind spending the extra cash on this when it comes out.  Not because I agree with the concept of charging more for certain movies, but because I’ll probably be really high when I see it and the concept of currency is confusing as hell when you’re stoned.  I also think Jeffrey Catzenberg, the powerful Jewish tabby, would be a great cartoon character. 

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