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03.19.09 27 Comments

Pineapple Express/Eastbound & Down director David Gordon Green recently let it slip that he’d cast my Columbia classmate James Franco in his next movie, a “medieval stoner comedy” called Your Highness.  (GET IT???)

“It’s a medieval movie, so we want a bunch of Ray Harryhausen ‘Clash of the Titans’ effects. We’ve been watching ‘Beastmaster’ and ‘Yor, the Hunter From the Future.’ We want to make a movie on a big scale, but utilizing pre-CGI effects like matte painting, animatronics, and puppets. It’s about a prince who smokes weed and fights dragons.” [ThePlaylist]

I’d love to rip them for making Pineapple Express over again, but that actually sounds kind of awesome.  In this month’s Playboy interview, Seth Rogen again says that James Franco actually doesn’t smoke weed, which I’ve heard from a couple different sources now.  But I still have a hard time believing this happened sober.  In related news, Ray Harryhausen is my German sh-t porn name.

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