Morning Links With The Choice Of A New Generation

07.22.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Happy Thursday, Drunkards and Drunkettes! Vinnie’s teaching grown adults in Dragonball costumes what push-ups are while they wait in line for the “Saying Inception Was Brilliant Makes You Cooler” forum at this year’s Comic Con, so me and Chodin are gonna take a break from sword-fighting to bring you the hip movie news.

What’s that, you say? Sure, I’ve got some Uproxx links:

  • Speaking of Chodin, check out his feature on The Tribe of Edward 40 Hands. (Uproxx)
  • Smoking Section reviews Tha Dogg Pound’s latest album. (Smoking Section)
  • LeBron James has a furniture line now, because why wouldn’t he? (With Leather)

On to the rest of the Interwebs!

  • High school cancels lesbian prom, pays for lesbian’s college. (FARK)
  • Nine best-selling video games that aren’t really good. (Guyism)
  • True Blood has a comic book now. (TV Squad)
  • Kids say the darndest things about 20-year old video games. (College Humor)
  • Dogs eating ice cream? Why not? (Urlesque)
  • Comparing the girls we’ve dated to video game consoles. (Dorkly)

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