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12.08.09 20 Comments

This is the song Leona Lewis recorded, “I See You”, which will play during the Avatar credits. It recently hit the web, where it spawned countless hilarious internet arguments.  Here’s an excerpt from the comments section of RopeofSilicon:

ok it’s not the greatest song (a highly objective comment to be sure)…but…WHO CARES???? No one gives a crap what internet critics think anyway. LOL!!! Internet critics.

I honestly can’t believe the crap i’m reading here! Leona Lewis is an amazing singer and this song is actually even better than my heart will go on! its not as cheesey and leona sounds fantastic as usual! She is also one of the nicest ppl around and to read these ridculous posts on here makes me actually feel sick to the stomack! Grow up and short your lives out whoever the hell yous are!

LOL internet critics indeed.  Short your lives out, you sad ppls.  !!! Anyway, “My Heart Will Go On” is of course the Celine Dion song made famous by the last James Cameron movie (Titanic).  I don’t see this ever being as popular as that, nor could anyone be as annoying as Celine Dion, who I’ve heard it’s legal to punch in the more progressive counties.  But I was sitting here trying to figure out what the cheesy effects at the beginning reminded me of, and I think it’s The Diva’s song in 5th Element, right before she goes into the dance remix part.  Or maybe I’m just racist for thinking all blue alien songs sound the same.  Frigging blue aliens, dancin around to their dirty jungle music all day.  Get a job, aliens, and stop whistling at my girlfriend.


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