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01.12.10 22 Comments

I missed this a couple days ago, but the New York Times made this interactive Netflix map that charts rentals by region.  It doesn’t sound that cool at first, but I’ve been on it for a good hour now, and it’s almost as fun to fiddle with as my wiener.  You can see the top ten in each zip code — see what people in hipster Williamsburg rent as opposed to Inglewood, for example (really? black folks like Eagle Eye?) — or see the areas where any of the top 100 rentals are strongest.  They do it for New York, Boston, Chicago, DC, the SF bay, LA, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, and Miami.

If you know the areas (I focused mainly on NYC and the Bay since that’s where I’ve lived) , you can see fun stuff like Obsessed or a Tyler Perry movie, which are like Megan’s Law maps to help you avoid black people.  Or Rachel Getting Married or Mad Men, which do the same for white intellectuals.  Or Paul Blart Mall Cop and Nights in Rodanthe, which tell you where the neutered husbands or middle-aged white women is at, respectively.  The only way they could make this better is if it was an interactive map of unattended chocolate cakes.

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