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07.29.08 54 Comments

Poor Spencer Taylor.  Like any normal 20-year-old, all he wanted to do was dress up all fruity and steal some Batman crap from the local cinema in Three Rivers, Michigan.  But then the no-fun police had to step in with their usual cockblockery.

[Taylor] was arrested early yesterday morning for allegedly trying to steal Batman posters and other collectibles from a theater showing "The Dark Knight."

The Associated Press said Mr Taylor was wearing a purple suit, a green wig and face paint in the style of Batman’s nemesis in The Dark Knight.

Detective Mike Mohney said he expected Mr Taylor to be charged with larceny and malicious destruction of property and appear in court on August 5.

I guess that last part answers the obvious "Why So Serious?" question.  Anyway, it’s times like these when I’m thankful stealing hearts is not a crime.   

[via and thesmokinggun – Thanks to Burnsy for the tip]

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