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A while back, the rumor going around was that Fox had taked control of Hitman away from director Xavier Gens.  Despite denials from Fox, Hitman star Timothy Olyphant made recent statements implying Gens was fired.

When asked whether Gens was there for the re-shoots, Olyphant replied, "He’s involved. I saw him when I was there [doing the reshoots] but he did not direct the reshoots. I heard the talk on that, that he was fired. I kept saying I was trying to get that guy fired for months. They finally fired him? Fuck! I was saying that forever. He doesn’t speak English, didn’t anybody see that?" [Source]

Though sources say Olyphant seemed to be joking about that last part, his hatred of foreigners became clear when he asked an Asian reporter for "sucky sucky" and pushed a Hispanic busboy down a flight of stairs.  Yes, the press conference was at a restaurant, what’s so strange about that?

Anyway, if these rumors are true, it’s a big-time disappointment.  I expect one thing and one thing only out of a video-game movie: auteurship.   

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