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10.21.08 33 Comments

New School has optioned Chuck Palahniuk’s book Haunted with Belgian director Koen Mortier attached to the project.  You may remember Mortier from his work on Ex Drummer, or 10 jaar leuven kort, which I believe roughly translates to “10 Chicks Pissing”.  Or something like that.  I’m not too good with Dutch, all I know is that they have really stinky ovens (whackety schmackety dooo…).

Haunted looks to be a challenging work to adapt, since the chapters in the book, although tied together with a skeleton narrative, are mainly stand-alone short stories, one of which being the world famous “Guts”.  Palahnuik calls the project, “Very much in the vein of Fight Club, but with more people getting their guts sucked out their asshole by the pool drain.”

[Variety via /Film]

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