People Can’t Really Handle 127 Hours

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11.09.10 23 Comments

Aron Ralston’s tale of a Moab Canyon adventure gone bad has been well documented for the seven years since it happened. Ralston, of course, was canyoneering in Utah when his arm was trapped underneath a giant rock. Ralston spent five days stuck in the canyon until he finally used a pen knife to amputate his own arm, and now moviegoers are saying that director Danny Boyle’s recreation of the amputation in his film 127 Hours is just too realistic. If only he had gone with his original idea of having golden retriever puppies lick Ralston’s arm off.

127 Hours stars James Franco as Ralston, and the scene in question features Franco simulating the breaking of his arm and then a very graphic removal of the arm at the point of trapping. The scene lasts for approximately five minutes and as many as 16 viewers have reported passing out. In related news, 127 Hours is now the most popular movie among drunken frat boys.

Why do people insist on talking during movies, Fox News?

At a screening of the R-rated film at the Savannah Film Festival on Saturday, a woman began calling for a doctor to help a man who had apparently fainted after watching the scene.

“You have to turn the lights on,” a woman screamed.

“We need a doctor,” another man yelled.

Added another man, “Hey, there’s a penis in my popcorn! Damn you, Vince Mancini!”

A number of other moviegoers have reportedly walked out of the theater during the amputation scene, but Boyle claims that most people aren’t reacting to the actual removal of the arm, just to the intensity of the story in general. Meanwhile, I’ve still been unable to find a studio to produce my heroic story of the morning I chewed my own arm off when I woke up next to Khloe Kardashian.

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