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UPDATE 10:41 ET: This version should work:

Piranha 3D had its release date pushed back to August because of money problems at The Weinstein Company, but despite reports saying they might not be able to afford 3D,  the trailer still says “Piranha 3D.”  It’s pretty much what you’d expect — tits, piranhas, Christopher Lloyd, etc. — it basically writes itself.  The plot is that everyone, even Eli Roth, has come out for a wild time at Spring Break at Lake Victoria, except *record snatch* it’s filled with piranhas.  “Lake Victoria” is an odd choice, because the only Lake Victoria I know of is in Africa, which, as I read in National Geographic for Xenophobes, isn’t so much a Spring Break destination as it is a rape destination, or a parasites crawling up your pee hole destination.  Now that I think about it, that actually does sound like Spring Break.

[hat tip: ScreenJunkies]

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