Latest Wes Anderson poster shockingly contains retro styling, yellow text, whimsy

03.09.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

Wes Anderson is so polarizing that even his fans (like me) will argue to the death amongst themselves over his best and worst movies (best: Rushmore, Tenenbaums, Fox; worst: Darjeeling, Bottle Rocket). One thing you can’t deny is that his movies all have a “look,” self-referential as that look may be. The poster for Moonrise Kingdom (full size below) has all the retro fuzzy Earth tones and yellow text we’ve come to associate with Wes Anderson projects, but without Futura text this time. Baby steps, I guess. Also, call me crazy, but it kind of reminds me of something Napoleon Dynamite would’ve had in his house.

(click to enlarge)

I have to admit, I’m very disappointed with the picture they chose. When your movie has shirtless Bill Murray holding an axe and a bottle of wine, you damn well show us shirtless Bill Murray holding an axe and a bottle of wine. Shirtless Bill Murray with an axe is my spirit animal.

[trailer here. Poster via IMPA. Opens May 25th]

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