‘The To-Do List’: Aubrey Plaza does sex stuff in the 90s

The To-Do List tells a story we’ve all seen before: nerdy kid about to go off to college, wants to lose virginity before the summer’s out to keep from looking like a big loser in front of all the cool kids at college (note to 18-year-olds: in my experience, there are no cool kids at college). The twist this time is that the main character is a GIRL (*Home Alone face slap*), played by Aubrey Plaza, and the film’s set in 1993. By the way, where were all these girls when I was about to go off to college? Probably banging 24-year-olds. Never mind.

Starring Aubrey Plaza, THE TO DO LIST follows the story of Brandy Klark (Plaza), a Type-A, overachiever who comes up with a “to-do list” featuring all the risqué extra-curricular activities she missed out on in high school and wants to complete before college. Rachel Bilson, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Scott Porter, Connie Britton, Clark Gregg, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Donald Glover, Johnny Simmons, Sarah Steele and Alia Shawkat co-star in the film. Written and directed by Maggie Carey.

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It’s got a great cast, and it’s nice to see Aubrey Plaza showing off a little more range than her usual, modern-day Daria character. But it seems weird that it’s set in 1993, since I’m pretty sure none of these were a thing in ’93 (I’m leaving out “booya,” which is probably right on the cusp):


The Shocker

Tea bagging

Pearl Necklace

No way average high school kids were saying “f*cktard” in 1993.

And, since it’s probably going to bug you to death wondering where you’ve seen that girl on the left in the banner pic before, I’ll just tell you: she’s the little girl from Spanglish.