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07.10.08 34 Comments

With Judd Apatow producing a funny Sherlock Holmes movie with Will Ferrell and Sacha Cohen, Guy Ritchie is racing a serious take on Holmes of his own into production.  Today Variety reports that Ritchie’s version has picked up Robert Downey Jr. to star.

With Downey aboard, the film will go into production before a comedy that just coalesced at Columbia Pictures, with Sacha Baron Cohen playing Holmes, and Will Ferrell playing his crime-fighting partner Dr. Watson.
Columbia is fast tracking its project, which is being written by Etan Cohen ("Tropic Thunder") and produced by Judd Apatow and Jimmy Miller.

Both these projects sound cool, and not that much alike.  But I’m glad they’re making them as fast as they can, because things are usually better when you rush the shit out of them.  Isn’t that right, ladies?  I mean, let’s hurry up and come already, we ain’t makin soufflés. 

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