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05.22.08 38 Comments

After the jump I’ve got the teaser trailer for Eagle Eye, which premiered last night before Indy.  The thrilling thrill-a-minute thriller stars Shia Lebeouf, Billy Bob Thornton, Michelle Monaghan, and Rosario Dawson, and comes from director DJ Caruso.

Caruso previously directed Disturbia, which I never saw, and Salton Sea, which was awesome.  It had Vincent D’Onofrio wearing a pig nose while reenacting the Kennedy assassination using pigeons and a bb gun.  That’s way more creative than I was as a kid.  Mostly I just rubbed my G.I. Joes together and made sounds like they were having sex.  I knew they were both boys, but I had no choice because it’s not like I had Barbies lying around.  What do I look like, some kind of fag?

Also starring Shia Lebeouf, "No!"

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